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Staub's 3D laser cutting machines bend and move formed metal to ensure the proper cut to customer specifications.
3D Laser Cutting


3D Laser Cutting

In certain production quantities, 3D laser cutting is an economical alternative to die cutting (trimming, piercing) and machining (drilling, milling) operations. We specialize in 3D laser cutting of stampings, spinnings, formed tubing and hydroformed components.

3D laser cutting is often selected over conventional punch and die cutting for parts with unusual (and seemingly impossible) hole and feature configurations. Without the restriction of dedicated (and expensive) hard tooling, 3D laser cutting allows engineering changes to be more easily made.

Think of 3D as a more flexible, superior cutting option that often saves tens of thousands of dollars in tooling. We are highly experienced at processing complex parts with unusual features, with high accuracy and repeatability. To see examples of our 3D laser cutting work, click here: Photo Gallery

We know that this technology may be confusing. If you are unsure whether 3D laser cutting fits your application, please contact us.

Materials we work with:

Our 3D Laser Cutting Specifics:

3D Problem Solving


A heavy-truck tier one supplier needed production cutting of a complex stainless steel formed part. Their regular supplier could not hold the part properly nor consistently make cuts within prescribed tolerances.


The Staub team partnered with their engineering department to develop a custom solution that met their budget and need for consistent quality. This customer has since entrusted Staub with the production of another similar application.


Consistent, reliable delivery of a complex part, on-time, on-target and on-budget.

“You guys are wonderful!
Thanks for all your help.”

-Heather J. (Purchasing Agent)