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Rows of stacks of laser-cut stainless steel blanks, fabricated with Staub Mfg.'s high-power fiber laser system.
High-Speed Laser Blanking

High-Speed Laser Blanking

Your NO-TOOL Stamping Alternative™

You have an attractive new option for competitive pricing and fast delivery on low to mid-volume (500 to 25,000+) flat blanks.

Utilizing the amazing speed and efficiency of a high-power fiber laser system with automated material handling, Staub Manufacturing Solutions offers a viable alternative to the mechanical cutting of blanks from coil.

If you have a project you think might benefit from high speed laser cutting, please contact us for an evaluation.

With Staub's High-Speed Laser Blanking you can experience:

Greater Flexibility

Faster Response

Lower Costs


Here's what you can expect with Staub's High-Speed Laser Blanking service:

Remarkable Delivery

Exceptional Quality

Comprehensive Service

“You guys rock!”
-Manfred S., Owner