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Staub Mfg.'s new Trumpf 8,000 watt fiber laser, a $1.5 million investment . The fastest, most efficient laser on the market.
High Speed Laser Cutting


High Speed Laser Cutting

Time is money – we know that, which is why we have invested in one of the fastest lasers in the world! Our brand new high speed 8,000 Watt Fiber Laser can process thin sheet faster than any other laser on the market, and excels on materials under 3/16” thick.

Staub specializes in high speed laser cutting of blanks for stamping, spinning, hydroforming, fabrication and more. If you have medium to high volume laser cutting under 3/16” thick, we have an exceptional resource for you!

If you have a project you think might benefit from high speed laser cutting, please contact us for an evaluation.

Our High Speed Laser Cutting Specifics:


Increased market demand and customers’ need for shorter lead times and more competitive pricing led Staub to invest over $1.5m in to the fastest and most productive laser system on the market. Since 1997, Staub has been the leader in laser cutting technology. With the addition of the new Trumpf 8,000 Watt Fiber Laser, Staub has the capacity to complete jobs quickly, with impeccable edge quality and the speed to deliver components at prices 15-30% less than other suppliers. More and more manufacturers are relying on Staub for their production metal fabrication needs because they can now have it all; Quality, Delivery and Price!


An industrial tooling manufacturer in West Virginia serving the oil and gas industry found that their local supplier could no longer meet the needed production schedule. They needed quick delivery on 4,200 pieces of 21 different parts from 1/8” and 1/4” 304 stainless steel with a feature tolerance of +/- .005.”


An on-line search identified possible suppliers in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. After reviewing each supplier’s capabilities and requesting estimates, Staub was selected to produce the parts.


A customer savings of $29,971.50 on the first order and initial delivery in 10 business days.

“You guys rock!”
-Manfred S., Owner