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Stacks of steel frames manufactured by Staub Mfg.'s team of light structural fabricators with the best-quality components.
Light Structural Fabrication


Light Structural Fabrication

At Staub we understand what it takes to produce complex, light structural fabrications such as frames, tables, displays and fixtures. Our expertise is in creating high-quality, finished, welded assemblies of tubing, channel, angle and sheet metal components that are right every time.

All cutting, forming and welding is done in-house for the highest quality control. To see examples of our light structural fabrication work, including retail displays, click here: Photo Gallery

Materials we work with:

Our light structural fabrication processes:

Consistency is the Key


Poor quality, out-of-square frames and missing components were costing a global provider of aquatic point-of-sale systems time and money. Assembly technicians had to modify every frame after delivery from their supplier just to make them functional. This meant shipments were delayed due to the time spent on rework.


Staub applied its process-driven approach to this project. Fixtures were redesigned and inspected to ensure that all frames are welded correctly.


Production of the finished systems increased dramatically, giving the customer radically improved results. Staub is now their primary supplier of quality metal fabricated products.

“We love the way your parts fit into
our assemblies time after time!”

-Andy B. (Engineer)