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Stacks of fabricated sheet metal parts, cut from high-quality metal using top-performing equipment.
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Customer Testimonials

“Staub always does a great job and I appreciate your attention to detail.”
 -Bill S., Engineer

“It is reassuring to have such a dependable source. . . convey my thanks to all!”
 Mike R., Project Engineer

“Thank you for the extraordinary efforts. . . none of this would have been possible without Staub going the extra mile!”
 Ken B., Purchasing Manager

“You guys rock!”
 Manfred S., Owner

"We love the way your parts fit into our assemblies time after time."
 Andy B., Engineer

“We always receive quality parts.”
 Lori T., Purchasing Manager

“You guys are wonderful! Thanks for all your help.”
 Heather J.,Purchasing Agent

“The way you package our parts to protect them during shipping is much appreciated.”
-George T. (Project Manager)