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What's In The News?

Steve Staub, Sandy Keplinger, and Doanld TrumpSteve Staub and Sandy Keplinger join Donald Trump at a panel discussion hosted by Staub Mfg. in Dayton, OH.
Mr. Donald J. Trump visiting Staub Manufacturing Solutions, September 2016.
Left to right: Staub VP Sandy Kepplinger, President Donald Trump, and Staub President Steve Staub during Pres. Trump's visit.

March 2018:
It was an honor and a privilege to have been chosen as guests of the First Lady to represent the growth and optimism in manufacturing at the State of the Union Address. In attendance were Steve Staub and Sandy Keplinger along with welder Corey Adams. "What we are seeing is not unique to us, it's all around the manufacturing industry. Companies are giving bonuses, pay raises, expanding and adding jobs "it's very exciting" says Steve Staub. Due to the Presidents pro-business agenda, Corey Adams was able to purchase his first home this past fall and is looking forward to doing some remodeling with the money he is saving from tax reform. "The experience was truly amazing and something we will never forget" says Sandy Keplinger.

December 2017:
Staub Manufacturing acquires an adjacent property and 15,000 sq. ft. building. The new space will help Staub meet growing demand for their high-quality production fabrication services.

June 2017:
Steve Staub, a passionate manufacturing industry advocate, is elected to the Board of Directors of the Ohio Manufacturers Association.

May 2017:
Staub Manufacturing adds a new 4-stage finishing/deburr machine to improve part quality and increase production capacity.

March 2017:
Steve Staub (President) is invited to the White House to participate in a round table discussion with President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Staub Manufacturing Solutions was one of only 12 manufacturers chosen from around the country to discuss taxes, health care, regulations and workforce development.

January 2017:
Staub Manufacturing Solutions is featured in the National Association of Manufacturers First Day video. View Now

November 2016:
Staub Manufacturing adds a new high-speed, 190 ton Trumpf press brake to expand its production forming capability.

September 2016:
We are honored to have hosted Donald J. Trump at Staub Manufacturing Solutions at our round table event with other local manufacturers.

January 2016:
Staub Manufacturing Solutions featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Shop Floor Lasers for their high speed laser cutting solutions. Click here to read more

November 2015:
Logo for the Dayton Business Journal.
Staub Manufacturing Solutions was named Dayton Business Journals 2015 “Manufacturing Business of the year”. We are honored to win this prestigious award and to be such an integral part of the rich manufacturing history here in the Dayton region.

October 2015:
SMS purchased a new Trumpf high speed, 8000 Watt fiber laser for high speed laser cutting and laser blanking.