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A welder at Staub Mfg. works hard on a sheet metal parts order for a customer.
MIG Welding

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All too often, American manufacturers struggle to be successful because of underperforming suppliers. Many buyers at these companies have resigned themselves to the idea that “average” is the best that they can expect. And so, day in and day out, they worry and fret and constantly check up on orders, hoping that their parts will show up on time and that they are to spec.

Thankfully there is another way. A way that helps buyers consistently hit their cost and production targets and still have time to focus on other important things.

The key is to partner with the right company with the right people!

Staub Manufacturing Solutions {Great People + Proven Processes + Time-SavingTechnology = Trusted Reliability}

What you can expect from Staub:

Our Capabilities are:

Sheet Metal Fabrication
From brackets and enclosures to complete product manufacturing we have the technologies and the processes to deliver your fabricated components just the way that you need them.

Light Structural Fabrication
Whether its frames, tables, or fixtures we have expertise in high-quality fabrication of finished, welded assemblies.

High-Speed Laser Blanking / Cutting
Our high-speed, 8,000 Watt Fiber Laser is one of the fastest production lasers in the world. Laser blanking is a great alternative to stamping blanks for volumes under 25,000 pieces per year.

3D Laser Cutting
Our true 6-axis laser is able to cut stampings, spinnings, tubing and components with unusual configurations

Our complete capabilities include:

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