Steve Staub, our company president, recently spent time in Washington, DC for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Winter board meeting. While there, he and other board members heard from a variety of influential guests including Vice President Mike Pence. Vice President Pence touted the importance of the USMCA and heaped praise on American manufacturers saying, “You’ve been investing in your companies and investing in working Americans… You’ve really revived the confidence of the American people and opened doors of opportunity.”

Attendees also heard from Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, who received the NAM’s inaugural Alexander Hamilton award for her leadership on job training and workforce development.

“The high point of my trip, was being one of just five business leaders who met privately with the Vice President,” says Steve Staub. “It was encouraging to see the amount of support from the Trump administration for the manufacturing industry (as a whole) and for the National Association of Manufacturers’ workforce development efforts.”

The NAM is launching a new, national manufacturing-awareness program called, Creators Wanted, which will travel the country starting this spring and will culminate in September at the Making America Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.