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Staub Mfg. has a team of light structural fabricators that specialize in the producing the metal frames seen here.
Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Staub Manufacturing is America’s reliable choice for well-crafted and trouble-free parts that will improve your production and deliver an exceptional quality experience to your customer. Staub specializes in the metal fabrication of sheet metal brackets, plates, panels and enclosures.

High quality, production sheet metal fabrication of complex components and assemblies requires best-in-class equipment and the proven experience to manage both lead times and costs. Staub meets those needs head-on with the latest laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication technology and our proven, process-driven production approach.

Our shipment-after-shipment consistency allows us to serve even the most demanding industries including automotive, medical, and military. To see examples of our sheet metal fabrication, click here: Photo Gallery

Materials we work with:

Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes:

Accuracy For the Win


A manufacturer of environmental control systems needed to reduce its working inventory of custom steel enclosures. They were maintaining 6 months’ worth of product to address a large percentage of rejected parts from that supplier. The defective parts were eventually replaced, but the lead times were long, forcing ever greater quantities be kept on-hand.


Staub's CNC forming technology produces sheet metal components consistently and accurately and with Staub's quick turnaround time it eliminated the need for additional inventory.


Inventory carrying costs for this customer have been reduced by 60% with no impact on their ability to assemble and ship systems as needed.

“Thank you for the extraordinary efforts...
none of this would have been possible
without Staub going the extra mile!”

-Ken B., Purchasing Manager