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Staub Adds Robotic Welding to Capabilities

We’re always looking for ways to invest and grow with our customers. Several customers who rely on us for their manually welded products have been asking us to help with their higher-volume welding. So, this fall we moved forward with a significant investment to meet that need and I’m happy to announce that we have […]

Zinc Plating Vs. Powder Coating In Extreme Application Environments

Sheet metal products serve a vast array of purposes in modern society and are a common fixture in the manufacturing, industrial, and transportation industries. Among other beneficial properties, sheet metal displays excellent strength, durability, and longevity. Yet in certain environments, those properties can be compromised by corrosion and other forms of structural degradation. Manufacturers frequently […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Steel

Steel in its various types is a vital component of the United States economy. As of January 2020, domestic steel production was at 1,928,000 tons — making steel one of the most widely consumed domestic manufacturing products. From buildings to medical equipment and vehicles, the world literally runs on steel products. But not all steel […]

5 Reasons to Source Your Sheet Metal Products from an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Ensuring the sheet metal fabrications in your supply chain are sourced and manufactured through tight quality controls is crucial for manufacturers in today’s hyper-competitive production ecosystem. According to a Geodis survey, 28% of manufacturers are pressured by global competition, and a further 27% are having trouble adapting to consumer demands. Consumers crave higher-quality products, and […]