Recently, Staub Manufacturing Solutions won a multi-year contract for a large welded assembly that is used in the heavy truck market. To support this new contract, STAUB has invested in a brand new, dual station, two-robot weld cell with servo positioning and fully automated clamping. (See photo)

“We are very excited to win this contract and continue to provide quality weldments to one of our long-term customers,” said Steve Staub, company President. “We have been doing work for this customer for well over 10 years and they told us that we won this project because of our proven reliability and high-quality standards. With production of around 25,000 units per year, the volume falls right in our sweet spot.”

This complex weldment (roughly 6’ long) starts off as numerous individual flat laser-cut parts, a laser-cut tube, and a couple machined components. The sheet metal parts are then formed, weld nuts are added, the entire assembly is robotically welded, and threaded inserts are installed before heading to get e-coated. After e-coating, the completed weldments are loaded into custom packaging and shipped to the customer for final assembly.

If you have any questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or