Many companies track their metrics to see how they are doing and where they need to improve. However, I rarely see companies actually share that data. I have two guesses why that might be:

  1. They don’t actually track anything, so they don’t really know their metrics.
  2. The metrics are not very good and they simply don’t want anyone to know the truth.

At Staub Manufacturing Solutions we are happy (even excited) to share our metrics.

We track a lot of important things, but there are two areas we consider to be critical – Quality Yield and Employee Turnover. We know that our customers count on us to consistently deliver high-quality parts and doing that is almost impossible without having a stable team.

Here are our 2023 results for those key areas:

  • External Quality Yield: 99.87 % (This is an improvement from the 2022 yield of 99.85%)
  • Employee Turnover Rate: 3.0 % (This is the same as our low 2022 rate)

It is a testament to the hard work of our great team, who focus every day on doing the right thing, that we are able to achieve and maintain these far-above-average results.

I haven’t been able to find a published average for Quality Yield for fabrication companies, but based on the feedback we’ve received from our OEM/Tier 1 customers, it’s likely below 90%. And according to this article from the TWI Institute (citing the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average rate of manufacturing Employee Turnover is currently 39.9%. Wow! I imagine that it would be almost impossible to maintain consistent quality with that level of churn.

If you’ve been stuck working with an “average” fabrication supplier, let’s talk. I’m happy to discuss our performance metrics and other aspects of our operation. You can reach me at


Steve Staub | President
Staub Manufacturing Solutions

Gary Weldon, Quality Manager for Staub Manufacturing Solutions, announced today that STAUB passed their yearly ISO 9001:2015 audit with no major or minor findings (nonconformances). He stated, “The whole crew here at STAUB does a great job following our ISO processes. The auditors complimented us on our staff, on our operations, and even the cleanliness of our facility.”

Company president Steve Staub commented, “I’m really proud that we were once again able to complete the audit with no findings. Because of the great team at STAUB, we are able to achieve industry leading metrics like our 99.90% quality yield so far for 2023. Our mantra is Products Made Right and Delivered On Time, and we wouldn’t be able to do that without our team and our processes.”

Gary continued, “As we continue to focus on quality, refining our processing and increasing the training for our staff, we expect to continue our trend of consistently delivering the highest quality products to our customers.”

To learn why you should always source your products from an ISO certified company, please read the article 5 REASONS TO SOURCE YOUR SHEET METAL PRODUCTS FROM AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY located on our BLOG.

Staub Manufacturing Solutions is proud to be part of the “Be The Essential” campaign that has recently been launch by Pivotal Media.

With the tagline, “Find your future not just a job!” the campaign is about letting people know about all the different career paths available.

The campaign highlights careers in advanced manufacturing, construction, HVAC, and more.

In the above photo you can see Dan Edwards interviewing one of our high school intern students about why he decided to choose a career in advanced manufacturing.

For more information on the campaign follow this link:

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The manufacturing space has seen its share of challenges in recent years. From supply chain disruptions and rising costs to raw material and labor shortages, it seems that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face increasing complexities at every turn. Selecting a reliable supplier is more challenging — and more important — than ever.

As a partner to large OEMs and their tier one suppliers, we know how difficult it can be to find a reliable contract manufacturer or a supplier with advanced metal fabrication capabilities. We’ve dealt with our own supplier issues and experienced first-hand the cascading series of problems they can create. We vowed to never make the same mistakes.

Along our 25-year journey, we’ve also discovered the keys to delivering consistent, high-quality results. We’re living proof that working with a supplier doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience full of missed production deadlines, non-conforming products and out-of-control costs.

As the owner of Staub Manufacturing and a fierce manufacturing industry champion, I want to share how our production team evaluates suppliers — and how this process reflects our mission of getting it right the first time. Our customers count on us to meet our commitments, and you should expect nothing less from your suppliers.

The eBook is broken down into three categories: Cost. Capabilities. Culture.  It dives into each category and also covers topics like making an onsite visit, flexibility, values and more.  The eBook also provides several exploratory questions for you to ask a potential (or current) supplier when making evaluations.

Understandably, cost is the typical entry point for most supplier evaluations. But, as we’ll demonstrate, cost alone can be a misleading indicator and should never be considered on its own. We’ve learned that a supplier’s fabrication capabilities and often-overlooked company culture should be given equal weight. These not only impact the quality and consistency of the work produced, but also contribute significantly to project costs.

Simply put, selecting the right supplier can spell the difference between success and failure, between good days and endless frustration, between profit and loss. We created this eBook to help you select a supplier that can help minimize the costs, complexities and challenges associated with fabrication outsourcing. We encourage you to read it and learn how you can choose a partner that delivers on their promises and makes it easy to do business with.

Click the button below to get your digital copy of Three Keys to Successful Metal Fabrication Sourcing or, if you would like a hard copy, just email or call us and we’ll be happy to mail one out to you!


Steve Staub (and the Staub Manufacturing Solutions Team)

December 2022 was the ninth consecutive month of below-target External DPPM (defective parts per million – shipped) results, achieving a 99.85% annual yield. Positive results were also seen in Internal DPPM (parts not shipped), which was 48% lower than 2021.

Our improving quality numbers reflect a consistent effort from our entire production team. A key component of our quality strategy is to hire good people and keep them. Our 2022 employee turnover rate remained significantly below industry average at just 3%.

In 2022 we strengthened our continuous improvement system, focused on staff training and increased quality awareness, and initiated standard procedure development. In order to maintain the positive improvement trend in 2023, we will be focusing on refining processes, expanding standardization, and increasing formal staff training.


Gary Weldon (Quality Manager)
Staub Manufacturing Solutions

We’re always looking for ways to invest and grow with our customers. Several customers who rely on us for their manually welded products have been asking us to help with their higher-volume welding. So, this fall we moved forward with a significant investment to meet that need and I’m happy to announce that we have purchased, installed, and are now welding on our first robotic weld cell. This dual-table MIG machine from OTC Daihen will allow us to increase our welding production flow while maintaining the high quality level that our customers require.

Of course, we still have an entire team of highly-skilled, manual welders and adding this technology will not change that. Our typical per-part production volume ranges from 1,000 to over 20,000 components per year. This new work cell will allow our manual welding team to focus on the more complex, lower-volume weldments while the robot tackles the high-volume projects.

Our welding services now include:

  • Manual MIG, TIG and resistance welding in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless.
  • Robotic MIG welding in carbon steel and aluminum.

If you have an questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or

Steve Staub
President – Staub Manufacturing Solutions

Staub Manufacturing Solutions is pleased to announce that we have invested in several new pieces of metal fabrication equipment. These items, totaling over $300k, are in addition to our current equipment and will open up more capacity and allow shorter lead times.

“As we looked at our customers’ needs, we found that additional equipment was necessary to meet the growing demand and keep our promise of providing quality parts, delivered on time,” said company president, Steve Staub. “We had some bottlenecks in our production processes and we needed to take care of them.”

The new equipment includes:

  • Cincinnati Press Brake – 60 ton, with 6 axis back stops and IRIS PLUS angle measurement
  • Haeger insertion press – 8 ton, with fastener feed system
  • TIG welders – One Miller unit and one Lincoln
  • Miller MIG welders – One unit setup for aluminum and one for steel

This investment, and increased capacity, will not only benefit our customers but also allows us to expand our fabrication team.

If you have any questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or

Staub Manufacturing Solutions is pleased to announce that we have invested over $2M in a new, automated laser cutting system. This advanced, multi-laser system will be a key component of our expanding production metal fabrication operation.

The new laser system consists of two Mitsubishi 6KW Fiber lasers and the SmartFlex Rapid Tower material-handling automation. The lasers utilize advanced controls technology, making them the fastest cutting machines, per kilowatt, in the industry and are well suited for our core material group: aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel from 22 ga (0.030”) up to 1⁄2” (0.500”).

The SmartFlex Rapid Tower automation provides high-speed, machine loading and unloading using a vacuum-load system with thickness detection and sheet separator features. It includes a 16-shelf material storage tower, dual unload carts and an unload conveyor. The conveyor will be a great option for parts that require special handling to protect critical surfaces.

Phase one of this system is already installed and operational (see pics below) and the complete system will be online in early Q1 2020.

If you have any questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or

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November 8, 2018, Dayton, OH – Staub Manufacturing Solutions, an industry-leading contract manufacturing company that provides production sheet-metal fabrication services to top OEM’s, was named by the Dayton Business Journal as the 2018 Manufacturing Business of the Year. This coveted award celebrates excellence in the Dayton-area manufacturing community.

Staub Manufacturing Solutions received the top honor in the Manufacturing category at this year’s DBJ Business of the Year awards gala. They were selected over two notable finalists, Prime Controls and Value Added Packaging, by an outside panel of judges on criteria such as growth, customer service and overall organizational success.

“We are humbled and pleased to have been chosen for this prestigious award, says Sandy Keplinger, STAUB Vice President. “I would especially like to thank our team for their diligence and hard work. They don’t back down from a challenge, they make work fun and we are grateful for all that they do.”

This a second time for STAUB to receive this special industry recognition, as they were the recipient of the 2015 DBJ Manufacturing Business of the Year award. For more information, be sure to check out the following Dayton Business Journal articles:

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