Staub Manufacturing Solutions is pleased to announce that we have invested in several new pieces of metal fabrication equipment. These items, totaling over $300k, are in addition to our current equipment and will open up more capacity and allow shorter lead times.

“As we looked at our customers’ needs, we found that additional equipment was necessary to meet the growing demand and keep our promise of providing quality parts, delivered on time,” said company president, Steve Staub. “We had some bottlenecks in our production processes and we needed to take care of them.”

The new equipment includes:

  • Cincinnati Press Brake – 60 ton, with 6 axis back stops and IRIS PLUS angle measurement
  • Haeger insertion press – 8 ton, with fastener feed system
  • TIG welders – One Miller unit and one Lincoln
  • Miller MIG welders – One unit setup for aluminum and one for steel

This investment, and increased capacity, will not only benefit our customers but also allows us to expand our fabrication team.

If you have any questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or