We’re always looking for ways to invest and grow with our customers. Several customers who rely on us for their manually welded products have been asking us to help with their higher-volume welding. So, this fall we moved forward with a significant investment to meet that need and I’m happy to announce that we have purchased, installed, and are now welding on our first robotic weld cell. This dual-table MIG machine from OTC Daihen will allow us to increase our welding production flow while maintaining the high quality level that our customers require.

Of course, we still have an entire team of highly-skilled, manual welders and adding this technology will not change that. Our typical per-part production volume ranges from 1,000 to over 20,000 components per year. This new work cell will allow our manual welding team to focus on the more complex, lower-volume weldments while the robot tackles the high-volume projects.

Our welding services now include:

  • Manual MIG, TIG and resistance welding in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless.
  • Robotic MIG welding in carbon steel and aluminum.

If you have an questions about this new equipment or if you’d like to discuss sourcing production fabrication work to STAUB, please contact us at (937) 890-4486 or info@staubmfg.com

Steve Staub
President – Staub Manufacturing Solutions