E-Book for Metal Fabrication Sourcing

The manufacturing space has seen its share of challenges in recent years. From supply chain disruptions and rising costs to raw material and labor shortages, it seems that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face increasing complexities at every turn. Selecting a reliable supplier is more challenging — and more important — than ever.

As a partner to large OEMs and their tier one suppliers, we know how difficult it can be to find a reliable contract manufacturer or a supplier with advanced metal fabrication capabilities. We’ve dealt with our own supplier issues and experienced first-hand the cascading series of problems they can create. We vowed to never make the same mistakes.

Along our 25-year journey, we’ve also discovered the keys to delivering consistent, high-quality results. We’re living proof that working with a supplier doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience full of missed production deadlines, non-conforming products and out-of-control costs.

As the owner of Staub Manufacturing and a fierce manufacturing industry champion, I want to share how our production team evaluates suppliers — and how this process reflects our mission of getting it right the first time. Our customers count on us to meet our commitments, and you should expect nothing less from your suppliers.

The eBook is broken down into three categories: Cost. Capabilities. Culture.  It dives into each category and also covers topics like making an onsite visit, flexibility, values and more.  The eBook also provides several exploratory questions for you to ask a potential (or current) supplier when making evaluations.

Understandably, cost is the typical entry point for most supplier evaluations. But, as we’ll demonstrate, cost alone can be a misleading indicator and should never be considered on its own. We’ve learned that a supplier’s fabrication capabilities and often-overlooked company culture should be given equal weight. These not only impact the quality and consistency of the work produced, but also contribute significantly to project costs.

Simply put, selecting the right supplier can spell the difference between success and failure, between good days and endless frustration, between profit and loss. We created this eBook to help you select a supplier that can help minimize the costs, complexities and challenges associated with fabrication outsourcing. We encourage you to read it and learn how you can choose a partner that delivers on their promises and makes it easy to do business with.

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Steve Staub (and the Staub Manufacturing Solutions Team)